Web Design - How To Start

Designing a website starts with defining the role the website is meant to serve, or its purpose. You’re guessing right – there are different types of websites that are used for different purposes. The three most popular ones are: landing pages, one-pages and classic websites. Obviously, there are also large sites (portals and the like), but that’s a completely different topic.

The simplest types of websites are landing page and one-page. Although they are usually small in size (they only have a single page), they have quite a lot of content on them. However, they differ in their purpose. One-pages are kind of like “stretched” versions of regular websites. All the information here is on a single, very long web page. The most important content is always on top.

That’s it in a nutshell. One-pages have a menu that redirects to subsequent section headers. Designing and creating these types of websites requires a specific approach. Although they might seem simple, they are very demanding and it’s better to begin the journey of making websites with something else.

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